Pigs in Pinnies

On a fairly regular basis I get a friend to come and host a night at the Secret Larder. We’ve had Al Instone from the School of Food, Ravinder Bhogal, Stefan Gates, and Oliver Thring, and I’m very excited to have Alice Hart and Georgie Fuggle, of the hugely successful Hart and Fuggle, next week.

But I’ve yet to let someone take over my kitchen entirely…(Jeremy Clarkson voice)…until now…

On the 20th June Pigs in Pinnies will have complete control of the kitchen, and I will not lift a finger, or indeed interfere. At all. Promise.

If you’d like to come to this glittering evening then send me an email – jteramsden(at)gmail(dot)com – it’s going to be a cracker.

And yes I know Friday is usually food news day but that’s happening tomorrow instead, with any luck.

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