This week’s food news

Demand for fish empties our waters every six months
The huge market for fish in the UK means that our waters can only provide enough for about six months each year. The 16th July has been dubbed ‘Fish Dependence Day’ on account of the fact that had we not imported fish from abroad, that’s the date on which we’d run out. Or something. But fish is delicious so it’s a real bastard of a dilemma.

Delia continues to lose the plot
After the ranting at football crowds and risottogate, it seems Delia’s trudge towards mediocrity still has legs, so to speak. For last week she declared the food in the 1970s her favourite, saying she wasn’t into “four-course tasting menus”. A friend ‘in the industry’ says that Delia smokes so much that she basically doesn’t have a a palate anymore, which explains a lot.

Jamie’s Fabulous Feasts loses a lot
Jamie Oliver’s move into large-scale catering has lost somewhere in the region of £340,000. His Fabulous Feasts catering company, which ran the grub at events like Winter Wonderland and Garsington Opera, was run by husband and wife team Glen and Susie Chadwich, who were, by the sounds of things, about as useful as a cock-flavoured lollipop. The couple are now suing Oliver for unfair dismissal.


Other food news this week:
* Russia finally acknowledges that beer is, in fact, alcohol.
* How food labels convince us that plonk is fine wine.
* It’s our genes that make us crave fatty foods.
* German food fair bans foie gras.
* Austrian wins right to wear a colander on his head in driving licence photograph.


Blog of the week:
* Simply Splendiferous – a justified name for this lovely blog.  


Fun things in London and elsewhere:
* Jun Tanaka is running a couple of summer seafood BBQ masterclasses at the Chancery Court Hotel. I can very much recommend going.

* Tickets for the Abergavenny Food Festival have gone on sale. I’ll be running a pop-up Secret Larder there, do come along!


Video of the week:
* Why Britain’s markets are the best in the world. Ish. My face hurt watching this:


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