The Secret Larder MK II – Printers & Stationers

Secret Larder at Printers and StationersAfter a couple of  months’ pause to get married, finish writing a book, and generally rethink the Secret Larder, we are back with an antartically cool new venue. It’s called Printers & Stationers, a wine shop and bar off Columbia Road in Shoreditch, and now the Secret Larder’s new home.

Most of you will eat in here....

Most of you will eat in here….


Some of you will eat in here...

Some of you will eat in here…

Details, then. The first excitement, other of course than it being in this incredible location, is that we’re going to be operating on a weekly basis now (every TUESDAY). It’ll still serve 20 people, it will still comprise 4 courses plus welcome cocktail, plus coffee and homemade truffles and, despite doom and gloom about rising food prices, it’ll still be an absolute steal at £30-a-head suggested donation. Best of all, being in a wine shop, we’re going to be focusing much more on the wine you drink, with Augustin and I having deep and Gallic discussions about the best wines to go with the food. They’ll be available by the bottle and by the glass. If you’d like to bring your own wine then by all means do, though there will be a corkage charge of £10 a head.

Get your grog here.

Get your grog here.


We’re really excited about this, and can’t wait to welcome you into the bosom of the all new Secret Larder.

Muchest love,

James and Rosie (and Augustin and Hugh).

*This time around priority will be given to those who lost their places at the end of last year, but now that we’re a weekly enterprise I’m sure you’ll be supping on our fare before long, come what may.

Fierce guard dog...

Fierce guard dog…

8 thoughts on “The Secret Larder MK II – Printers & Stationers

  1. James & Rosie,
    Happy new year. The new joint looks lovely, and so easy much easier to get to from the Sarf eest too, good job. Look forward to scoping it out soon.

  2. Wow! It looks amazing – will definitely be putting my name down in the very near future! Best of luck guys – how exciting! xx

    • Holl I really want to book, but it looks damn busy was hoping to go for my birthday 7th march… Will try for April xxx

  3. That looks fecking awesome! I shall have to make a special trip to the big smoke from leafy Cheltenham, and as I used to live and work near there it’s doubly exciting for me as I love the area.. will try and make it later in Feb/March.
    Good luck

  4. How wierd
    I cut a clients hair today’s and she was telling me about this great wine bar she had found off Colombia road , she couldn’t remember the name but described it and I thought I must find this place .
    Sitting at home with my partner eating some soreen malt loaf, I searched the web for recipes and your blog came up and how strange your new home the very wine bar my client was talking about its a Sign !!!!
    Please email me a date when I can come visit

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