Syrian Supper Club – 23rd November

As the humanitarian crisis in Syria worsens, here at the Secret Larder thought we ought to do our bit to raise some money. A couple of months ago I went to a fantastic supper club in Shepherd’s Bush called Hands Up For Syria, which is run by a friend of mine who, up until the proverbial shit hit the metaphorical fan, lived in Damascus. She and many other expats were urged to up sticks and get the ruddy hell out of there.

Native Syrians haven’t been so lucky.

HUFS’s current money-raising project is for an x-ray machine in Aleppo, so that’s where all the proceeds for this evening will go. The utterly lovely guys at Vagabond are giving us the venue free of charge, and I’m hoping to get food and booze donated so that every single penny that leaves your pocket can go towards that hospital in Aleppo.

If you’d like to come please do send me an email. And if you are a food and drink producer and would like to donate some vittles then give me a shout.

The Syrian Secret Larder
23rd November 2013
Vagabond N7
£40 (including food and booze)


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    • Oh, ha, sorry, didn’t realise. In all honesty I haven’t got round to thinking about it yet, will reveal all when I can. :-)

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