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  1. Hi James
    I’m a food photographer, and would be
    interested in getting some images exhibited.
    I’m based in Farringdon, so maybe we could
    meet up to chat about any synergy (it’s my
    word of the day!)…I think that I am coming
    to one of your Secret Larder evenings, as my
    sister mentioned something about it…

  2. Hi James,
    Read a word or two about you and this supper club phenomenon in the standard. I’m an artist and I have some work that will be amazing to show at your club.
    I’ve emailed you a pdf.
    If your interested email me.
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Tim :)

  3. Hi James,

    just tried to email you a pdf but your account thinks it’s spam and it bounced.
    Is there another another way of getting you the file?



  4. The salmon dish looked absolutely divine…I think I’m your newest cuisine fan 😉

    And congrats for the recognition achievement! Your blog is exquisitely clean and exudes waves of positive energy.

    Prosperity & Peace!

  5. hi james

    i wanted to send you an invite to the new voices launch on 23rd June, alice hart may have already mentioned to you. what’s your address?

  6. I write a food blog from Suffolk and coincidentally we have the same wordpress theme! Is this significant do you think – foodies like Pressrow? I am looking you up because you are (or were – its an old magazine) in the Top 40 bloggers. Well done – and if you ever come to Suffolk I’ll take you out for lunch.

  7. Hi James,
    New to this blogging marlarky but am liking yours.Got massive amounts of Jerusalem artichokes growing so will be making your chorizo, artichoke and anchovy salad. Some of my favorite ingredients, just add a bit of beetroot and I am in heaven.
    I am a sculptural ceramist but am embarking on a new venture: The Walnut Tree Farm Lunch Club to be held in my beautiful home in Suffolk. check out my (very small) blog: http://walnuttreeframlunchclub.blogspot.com
    If you fancy a break from book writing, jump on a train. (1.30 mins from Liverpool st to Diss) and enjoy a long country pre-lunch walk and an even longer lunch in front of a blazing fire.
    Best wishes,

  8. Ed Hammond suggested I look you up. Have. Very much enjoyed reading you blog and taking a look a the video clips. I live in New York.. next time you’re over contact me I’ll introduce you to some great places that the locals enjoy.

  9. Tried emailing but wouldn’t send – no need to publish!
    Hi James
    Just was alerted now to the fact you have me as your blog of the week! Thank you for kind words and the choice, a lovely surprise (a visitor to my blog alerted me). I just had RSSd you on my feeder this week after the really interesting discussion on blogging on your blog. Of course, have HEARD and read great things about you for ages, especially from the lovely Sig & whirlwind that is Niamh! : )

    Have a great weekend, heard on the rumourvine it might even be sunny – BBQ time

  10. Hello!

    I’m about to order your book and am very excited about it arriving through the letter box. However, I do have a bit of an odd question: how did you get to where you are now? What did you do…?! Sorry if this seems rude, I’m just curious!



    p.s Where is your wikipedia biography?!

    • Good question. I guess I just started writing and it all happened quite naturally. Sorry if that’s not helpful.

      Aah, wikipedia.


  11. Hi James.
    Picked up your book in a nice book shop nestled between two karaoke bars in Singapore’s Chinatown and wanted to say that so far it’s helped get me back my cooking mojo. The problem has been that since moving out here over 18 months ago l’ve been enjoying the local, cheap food almost every night such that l lost my cooking mojo. Now it’s back and l’m very happy, as is my wife. So thank-you. In return, if you need any recipe ideas from the local Hawker centres here or end up passing through and want to know where to go let me know.

  12. I’ve just made your blackberry and apple ice-cream (with crumble) twice in a week because it is AMAZING! Very popular with everyone who has tasted it. So thank you very very much.


  13. we’ve also just done pear and calvados ice-cream and pear and raspberry (too many pears in the garden!! I recommend you try them.

  14. Yes Im interested in contributing some original salentine recipes. I also have an underground eatery but quite small. about four people at a time in a cottage atmosphere

  15. Hi James, big fan of the blog, food looks cracking. just set up a very amateurish one of my own- not sure if you’re still keen to get contributors for yours but would like to if possible, or maybe you could have a looksie at my wee efforts and impart some wisdom..? Much appreciated. Tish

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  17. Hey James,

    Just brought your book on Amazon, cant wait for it to come. But it was £3.99! Shouldn’t a great book like that be selling for more?!


  18. Yummy recipes! Just read about you in today’s i and immediately came to check out the website.

    I will be trying some of the vegetarian dishes and it’s always interesting to see new ways of making Kedgeree. I think it’s a ‘love it or hate it’ dish, sadly.

  19. Truly brilliant writing, four days into Dukan, I came across your page ‘Three days into Dukan’ and it was so brilliant to relate to that you had me really laughing aloud (a mean feat when you’re craving carbs and trying to satisfy yourself with diet coke). Thanks for keeping me sane, you’re my new favourite foodie.


  20. Hi James!
    You have a great blog, I like your recipes! I’ll try to do a simple one without burning my kitchen…again.

    I’m sending you an email, there’s something I wanted to propose you if you are interested (descent proposal!).


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