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  1. Hi, I thought you might like to know about a pop up restaurant I’m running in N16 on Saturday 18th September. For one night only, as I can only imagine how stressful running a full time restaurant would be!
    Anyway, we have an amazing chef who’s name I’m unfortunately not allowed to mention coming to prepare a 7 course meal for a small set of people in my flat for the evening, accompanying the meal will be a Great British pub quiz and a dart competition, maybe even some connect 4 although that may be taking things a little too far!
    Thanks for your time, I hope you’ve got a minute to have a quick look at the menu on http://www.fattybristow.com.
    Thanks. Simon.

  2. Hi James,

    I totally love what you are doing with your supper club.

    I am contacting you from an artisan bakery – we predominantly make sourdough breads.

    Over the years we have developed a range of award-winning breads and pastries, inspired by traditional techniques and classic flavours. All of our products are hand-made using truly authentic baking methods and we use top-quality, natural ingredients which are free from additive, colours and preservatives.

    I would love for you to try our rustic breads which I think could compliment your variety of dishes.

    please let me know if you would like to receive some delicious bread samples.

    Kindest Regards,

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