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  1. I am starting an underground bakery on Fridays and Saturdays. No commercial kitchen but items marked homemade kind of like what I did at the Love Shack. Your site is great – keep up the good work. I’m so proud of you. xoxo Heff

  2. good work – way to go and really interesting. I love the underground idea too. Kind of like the love shack b&b

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  4. Hello,
    It’s my 30th birthday in June and I would love to come to one of your supperclubs to celebrate, can I be added to your mailing list and your reserve list please?

    Many thanks,


  5. Please could Danielle, Vivvy, and I be put on the reserve list for the 24th of June?…we’re desperate!

  6. Would love to help out at one of the nights. How do I put myself forwards?

    I have formal hostess expereince but prefer my small gatherings soaked in wine, laughs and conversation.

    A capable carrier, careful pourer, a lover of clever wit and mistress of simple humour. My cooking teacher was my grandma, and my desk was a big old tin green Aga.


  8. hello james
    Iam a fellow yorkshire man , and very keen in helping you out on one of your events as i would love to see you at work and help out .

    Look forward to your reply


  9. I am a very big foodie and think the idea of a secret supper club is a brilliant innovation. The epicurean streets of London are awash with rumours of yours and I would be very keen to attend one of your evenings, either as a guest or as a helper.

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  11. Hi James and Mary

    Can I book 3 of us in for the 16th of sept? Got any spaces? If not then happy to go with the 30th.


  12. Hi James,

    Love your blog, just getting in to the whole cooking thing myself. It would be amazing if I could come down on the 25th November if you still have any places?

    Would be fantastic to have a chat and get involved! Even happy to come down all the way from Leeds! :-)


  13. Hi guys,

    Love your work and clearly everyone else does too!

    pleaser can i be put on the mailing list so i can come to the next event

    love M x

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  19. Hey. Can you please put me on the waiting list for 20 May, ideally for 2 people? Thank you! OS

    • That’s very kind Sandra, thank you! Would you drop me an email? jteramsden(at)gmail(dot)com? Ta very much x

  20. Hi James,
    Would love to come along to the supperclub. How do I go about booking in ??? I would also love to come along and help out sometime….

  21. Fair enough Lenny, it was very unprofessional of me. But a one-off I promise! Do come if you fancy it still, J

  22. Hi James,
    last weekend there was a report on German TV about your Secret Larder Supper Club (also about White Room Supper Club and Miss Marmitelover). I loved it! When I will be in London one day in the future I surely will make a reservation. In September me and my sister will visit Oxford for a few days and I think it would be a great thing to have a fabulous dinner at a Supper Club there. Do you know any Supper Club at Oxford? I am looking forward to your answer

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  27. Hi James,
    I would like to book for the 29th of september for 2 …complitely ne on supper club and really excited to try..please let me know..
    Many thanks

    Mattia and Alessia

    • HI there, I’ma fraid we’re fully booked. Send me an email and I’ll pop you on the mailling list, J

  28. James,

    I would like to know if you would be interested in hosting a secret supper club at the restaurant I work at or if you would do a review of it? If you could contact me on my email I could give you more information.
    Kind Regards,


  29. Hi James i would like to book into the secret supper club in October
    when will you release details

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  31. Hi James
    Is it too far ahead to ask about November? Would love to book for my birthday.

    • Hi Lizzie,

      We’ll be taking bookings for November at the end of September – drop me an email and I’ll add you to reserve list.



  32. Hi James,

    I would love to come to your supper club in November. I will keep an eye out for the next dates, and would be grateful if you could add me to the mailing list, if you have one.
    I’d also like to come and help out one evening, perhaps in October. Can I?


    • Hi Amy,

      I’ve added you to the mailing list so will let you know about dates.

      Re. October, of course – how kind. How’s 27th?


  33. Hi James,
    I seem to see that all the next dates are fully booked. I would love to be put on the mailing list and be present to one of your meals.
    I have no experience in in the food and service industry but am a filmmaker and think what you are doing is great! So would also love to help in any way I can.


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  35. Hi James,

    Your blog is great and supper club looks amazing! I’d love to come whenever you’re having the next round of available dates. Would you be able to add me to your mailing list?


  36. Please can I reserve 2 places on the reserve list for the 13th October – would love to come …. thank you

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  38. Interested in helping out at one of Dinner Club evenings , trained as a Corden Bleu chef in a past life, after travelling the world ended up working in events. Now have returned to cooking, helping out at an Oriental Cookery school that concentrates on the 5 Senses of food – Angela Malik Cook School based in Acton.
    Let me know if you are interested, as I am so interested in what everyone else is doing?

  39. sounds great as a new experience, coming to london from italy the 2nd weekend of december….any chance to join you?? thanks a lot

    • Hi Filippo,

      Late December is looking tricky at the moment but send me an email (jteramsden[at]gmail[dot]com) and I’ll pop you on mailing list.



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  41. Hi James. I was told about this by my friend Alec Greenwell. Can i make a booking for Jan 29th for 2 people please? it’s my christmas present to my mum so i’m very excited! thanks x

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  44. What a wonderful meal lastnight, the atmos was amzing too, had such a great time, look forward to the 4th of Feb!!! Happy christmas and New year

    Shahla X

  45. Hello James

    I would love to help you one of the planned nights, please let me know when. I love cooking, am a good wine connoisseure and great entertainer (plus if you have international guests I speak 4 foreign languages). :D

    Hope to hear from you (and happy new year btw!)


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  48. Do you by any chance need any help for the 19th April supper club?
    I would love to help out,

  49. Dear James,

    Thanks to you and Rosie for the campari+soda+hotandsoursoup+pigcheeks+salmon+zab+minttea+lovelysurroundings+chat on Thursday night, we all (nick+kat+andy+me) had a great evening – delightfully spring timely, delicious and stodgeless.

    Wishing you ongoing success,

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  51. Please add me to the reserve list as I should be free for a table for two and any of the upcoming events

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  54. I am the head of a small prep school I own with my wife in Derbyshire – I am hoping to start a supper club myself as a hobby – we have a lovely conservatory that would be a great venue. I wondered if we could talk so I can get a few pointers and don’t make any howling mistakes – especially licensing etc. Would be most grateful if I could give you a quick call. Is there a number I can contact you on?

  55. My wife and I are from Colorado, US and will be in London June 4-11. We host a small supper club hear in the States and would love to take part in one while in London. We are staying in West London near Hyde park could could always adventure out for good company and good food.

    We can pass along stories/recipes, alway bring an extra bottle of wine, and would love to break away from the tourist routine
    Please pass along any possible options to my email at

    Michael and Karen Miller
    Fort Collin, Colorado, USA

  56. Evening,
    A long shot but just thought I would try anyway, if you get any cancellations for Wednesday 5th for 3 people.
    Please could I get added to your reserves list, even if it happens on the day.
    Thank you so much

  57. Hi,

    I have just been on your website and the food looks amazing! Is it possible to book a table for 4 on 3rd October?



    • Hi Pam,

      Sorry for the slow reply – I’m afraid we’re currently fully booked then but send me an email and I’ll put you on the mailing list.

      Jteramsden at gmail dot com



  58. omg!!!! been trying to get to your supper club for ages! wen will your next one be and what is the email address.
    cant wait to try it out.

  59. James
    Really interested in coming as soon as possible as surprise for my pregnant wife who needs a pick me up. CAn you let me know when you next have availability. She’s due on 1st April, so the sooner the better, as I’m sure you don’t want any extra curricular activity on the evening!!

    Many thanks

  60. James, would or do you ever cook, like a sunday lunch for a big family gathering? Not huge, about 16 of us? Dec 2nd 2012.



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